Trailers for Sale - New

All our parks welcome new RV's, subject to the conditions shown below, so be sure to check the parks and regions if you require a travel trailer, motorhome or 5th wheel trailer.

Linwood Parks can help you find the perfect new recreational vehicle to suit you and your family through our authorized dealers.

Each one of our authorized dealers is committed to complete customer satisfaction. All of their RVs have been selected to provide you with trouble-free service and memorable vacations for years to come.

With a number of attractive models and features available, these authorized dealers can help you find the right recreational vehicle to make the most of your seasonal getaways.


Authorized Dealers

If you are interested in a 8 1/2' wide travel or park model trailer you may use a variety of Authorized dealers for your purchase.  These dealers and links to their websites are shown below.  

You can also download a complete listing of Authorized Dealers (for 8-1/2' wide), and their address by clicking here.


If you require a 12' (or 14') wide park model trailer, sales must be arranged through our Authorized 12' wide Dealers.   You can view these Authorized 12' wide Dealers by clicking here. In addition, see your park manager for requirements and rules for placement of this type of seasonal park model trailer in our parks.



Authorized 8 1/2 ' wide Dealers