Trailers for Sale

Linwood Parks can help you find the perfect recreational vehicle, whether new or pre-owned, to suit you and your family.

To find the perfect trailer for your needs, check out our list of authorized dealers.

Park Model trailers are available for sale in a number of our parks.

For information about our regulations on authorized dealers check the New Trailers & Authorized Dealers list on this page.

Many of our parks also feature a number of new and pre-owned RVs for sale, searchable by park. Some pre-owned RVs have already been set up on lots and are ready to use, so be sure to check the parks and regions you’re interested in for more details.

No matter what type of RV you’re looking for, Linwood Parks has a wide selection of offerings to help make your vacations comfortable and memorable for years to come.

Also, see the trailers for sale at our newest park, Klondyke Trailer Park which are included in the Trailers for Sale following


2007 12 x 45 Kropf

2007 12 x 45 Kropf (Pre-Owned)
$114500.00Pigeon Lake Park

Excellent condition

2 bedroom

10 x 19 add a room

10 x 40 hard roof

6 x 7 shed

10 x 15 deck

site M10

For more details contact the park manager at 705-799-5376

2007 12 x 40 Huronridge


Located in Sandy Beach Resort

Excellent condition

1 bedroom

Air conditioner

8 x 16 add a room

7 x 7 shed

10 x 14 deck

6 x 8 deck

Includes all furniture, appliances, outdoor furniture, lawn mower, BBQ, beer fridge

Woodbox with firewood

site 74

For more details contact the park manager at 705-887-2550

1992 Woodland Estate 12 x 40

$100000.00Bay Meadows Park

Good condition

1 bedroom

10 x 20 add a room

10 x 40 hard roof



Air conditioner

Includes all appliances

lot D20 (50 week lot)

For more details contact the park manager at 613-399-3486

2003 12 x 45 Northlander Cottager Escape


Located in Klondyke Park

2 bedroom

40' Hard roof


New couches

Includes appliances 

*Coffee table & live edge tables not included

*lower portion of deck, fencing & shed must be removed

site 189

For more details contact the park manager at 51-238-8348